NADFAS Heritage Volunteers are teams of committed non-specialist volunteers who work under the guidance of curators and other professionals to help conserve our heritage. They give their time to care for collections, record documents and act as guides and stewards.


CDFAS Heritage Project at Carlisle Cathedral Library

Chris & Helen Tyson volunteered last year to help continue the cataloging of Carlisle Cathedral Library. Neither had library experience but both had worked with computer spreadsheets and this, as it turned out, was a big advantage as much of the work done already had been entered on ‘Excel’ spreadsheets, the largest of which contains some 100,000 items of data. Chris & Helen have spent their time so far familiarizing themselves with the existing state of the cataloging of 4,500 volumes, or roughly half the library. Unfortunately, no record of precisely what has been done, or how it has been done, and how it was planned to continue the work had been set down by the trained librarian who took it to its present level before leaving. However, from Canon David Weston they learned that much of the detail on the books had been transferred electronically from British Library records and this is a lead they will follow up. A separate, largely handwritten, catalogue also exists and the correspondence between this and the computerized records is being investigated with a view to amalgamating them into a single definitive catalogue before moving on to tackle the rest of the library.