Young Arts Report March  2019

There are 3 projects currently being planned for 2019.The first two are the TBTL Exhibitions previously mentioned in the last report.The “A” level Exhibition opens on Tuesday 9th July and closes on Thursday 5th September. Eight schools were invited and six will be exhibiting. They are Appleby, Austin Friars, Ullswater, QEGS Penrith, Keswick and Cockermouth.Unfortunately Workington can no longer take part as their examining body have requested that all examination exhibits should remain on site.The GCSE/Entry Level  Exhibition starts on the 5th September and concludes on Monday 30th September. James Rennie Special school will join the above schools at the exhibition.  Lynn Lines has applied to the Patricia Fay Fund for funding of £300 to be matched by The Arts Cumbria and awaits their decision. Anthony Simpson ( Hon Treasurer) provided the necessary figures in order that the bid be successful. The third project is a joint one with  The Arts Society  Appleby in Westmorland This society has had no young arts projects and doesn't have a YA coordinator.As the society chair had previously requested help in getting involved in young arts Lynn Lines approached the chair Felicity Arrowsmith to see if they would like to join Cumbria in a project with young carers.  Lynn Lines, Felicity Arrowsmith and Fran Flower [Cumbria member] met with Eden Carers. As a result the team have organised an Arts Day for up to 15 carers 8+  from the region which extends from Threlkeld across to Kirby Stephen incorporating Penrith. A printing session conducted by Vega Brennan  [Artist] will take place at the Morland Studio on 31st May 2019 from 10.30am/3.00pm. Felicity Arrowsmith submitted a bid on behalf of both societies to the NW area team for funding amounting to £300. We were awarded £250 and as the artist costs will be approximately £230 this should cover them with a little left for drinks and fruit. Eden Carers agreed to pay for the Studio and the travel for the children.If this is successful we hope to run a further session for younger children. On this occasion there will be no costs for either societies thanks to the NW Area.

Lynn Lines

Monday March 18th 2019



Arts Trolley for Jigsaw Hospice, Carlisle March 2018

Some of the children that attend the Hospice chose various types of artistic materials to fill the trolley with.We bought the trolley, a paper cutting guillotine and a lot of kits such as felt making, clay ,beads ,jewellery, mosaic and print making.The trolley was presented on behalf of The Art Society Cumbria at the Hospice on Friday March 9th. Lynn Lines was accompanied by Hazel Jacobs  and John Tomlison and we had a delightful card from the staff and children.The Patricia Faye foundation contributed £200 to match our funding.

 Photographs are available from the March lecture meeting onward.

James Rennie [Special Key stage 3 ] and Austin Friars [Primary key stage2]

Carnival Birds Links Project 2017

The 2 schools ,which are situated in Carlisle and in close proximity, spent a day together to create wire and mod rock carnival birds at Austin Friars.

 Austin Friars primary art department linked for the first time with James Rennie Special school key Stage 3. Nine children from James Rennie joined the children at Austin Friars for a stimulating day creating Carnival Birds from wire and mod rock. (Please look at our Young Arts Book at the next lecture for photos). The art teacher from Austin Friars ran the day and Elizabeth Richardson and Lynn Lines   from The Arts Society Cumbria supported staff from James Rennie to make the day a tremendous success. The schools now have an ongoing link and aim to have further projects

The brightly coloured birds were then hung in in the local library on display for 2 weeks for the public to view.

Another project is currently being planned for 2018


 Theatre by the Lake ' A' level and GCSE/Entry level Art Exhibitions 2017

These exhibitions were held in Keswick and kindly hosted by The Theatre by the Lake.

Eight secondary schools took part, Austin Friars, Appleby, Cockermouth, Keswick, Nelson Thomlinson, Queen Elizabeth, Ullswater and Workington. The standard of work was outstanding, and many students had As and A+.

The second exhibition had exhibits from nine schools, James Rennie Special school being also included. Once again, the standard of work was amazing. The Comments Book was signed by many visiting theatre goers as well as parents and friends of the students involved. Our thanks to the Theatre staff, exhibiting students and staff from the schools listed. My thanks to the Young Arts team who helped visit schools, store and transport exhibits and help make the exhibition a success once more.

The image on the right is taken from 'On The Way Into Battle'  from the Alevel exhibition

The 2018 Exhibition will open with 'A' level art work on 17th July and continue with GCSE/Entry level art work on the 7th September



24 JUNE 2016


Cumbria Decorative And Fine Arts Society organised and funded a day excursion plus artist to teach at  Tullie House on  24th June 2016.Nine Whitehaven pupils visited Tullie House to explore the Roman Exhibition.They were joined  by Tullie House staff who were there to answer the pupils questions and help. Helen Walsh, artist  and  Lynn Lines [CDFAS] Young Arts Co ordinator and organiser of the day, assisted the pupils as they discovered this fascinating Exhibition.

The pupils tried on Roman clothes, interacted with each other in playing games,looked closely at weapons and discussed how a  Roman skeleton was found with two large holes in his skull concluding that the Roman Citizen was probably murdered.All the pupils carried clip boards and drew articles of interest which they later used in the classroom at Tullie House.

The Artist demonstrated how simple drawings of Roman Artefacts could be easily converted into drawings that would eventually become prints. Polystyrene tiles had  drawings transferred to them by pupils who were consistently engaged, interested and pleased with their printed outcomes.

Pupils were asked how they enjoyed the day and all commented positively .

I would like to thank all the Whitehaven young people and supporting staff on behalf of CDFAS. They were a pleasure to work with, as was the Artist Helen Walsh who as skilled and positive in her teaching .

Finally a massive thank you to Tullie House staff who made the day very special by allowing us to visit and use their excellent facilities and dining area.

Lynn Lines Young Arts Co ordinator

Young Artists : A Fishy Story   July 2015

 Final year pupils at Brook Street Primary School in Carlisle had the opportunity to try their hand at art during their last week at primary school. They worked together with their teachers and artist Rosie Galloway-

Smith to make a shoal of fish, each fish designed and made by an individual pupil. 
They started by deciding on a design for their own fish which they drew to provide a model for the final creation. They then used branches of willow which were 

carefully bent into shape to make a skeleton. That was followed by a fun stage of creating a colourful body for the fish, using brightly coloured cellophane to great effect, as can be seen in the photo. Lots of clever designs emerged to produce a 

colourful shoal of fish. The children came up with many different ideas and thoroughly enjoyed the project, discovering artistic skills they did not know they had. Some future artists may have been born in Carlisle as a result of this experience ! 

The project was funded by Cumbria Decorative and Fine Arts Society (CDFAS) based in Cockermouth. The Society works hard to spread the word that art should be for everybody and can be fun. These children have learned this lesson and will remember their shoal of fish in years to come.

The year's activities 2014/2015

• James Rennie have now bought a printer which they intend using with all pupils.A day in June was planned to introduce key Stage 4 pupils to printing.The Print day took place in October.Lynn Lines joined Sue Monica[ JR teacher] with artist Debbie Askam.The students were printing WW1 drawings of soldiers in black. Evenually they were going to print red poppies as well to make a montage.This is now complete and waiting to be framed to go on display in the school. We hope to photograph it when finished .We intend to pay for the masterclass which will be £200.

• Lynn Lines visited JR to view their ART exhibition. LL printed photos and displayed them for members to see at our May lecture.

• Lynn Lines and Joyce Berry met with Cockermouth Young Carers’ staff to plan a day of art. The day went ahead on July 22nd at The Arts Barn , Maryport. Transport, an artist and the venue has been arranged by Joyce and myself. 13 carers attended, ages 9/16 ,with Young Carers staff plus Joyce and Lynn .We took photos and a report was sent to the local newspapers. A report and photo was sent to NADFAS and was printed in the Winter addition 2014. This is the first time CDFAS has had a report in The Review.

• LL and JB contacted 6 schools to encourage them to take part in the RBA/NADFAS competition. All six schools were visited by small teams of CDFAS members.3 pieces of A level art was chosen in each school. An advisory pack was given to each co ordinator.The schools agreed to send their student’s work to the RBA. Unfortunately, none of the work submitted was chosen by RBA/NADFAS but one NW society ,The Fylde had some work chosen. Congratulations to them.

• Each school was invited to display students work in 2015, at the Theatre By The Lake. There will be two exhibitions in July/Aug and Sept/Oct .The first will exhibit A level work on 21st July/30th August and the second will exhibit GCSE/Entry level work from 4thSept /6 th October.

• Students whose work was displayed or chosen for the RBA/NADFAS competition received a certificate. Last years competition entrant , Peters' horses head, was printed on the certificate. The image above is Warhorse and Poppies WW1 as depicted by James Rennie students